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Research Methodologies in Education
EDUC 500
Section: 001
Instructor: Dr. Cash Ahenakew
Office Hours: By appointment
Class Schedule: Monday, 4:30PM-7:30PM
Classroom: Neville Scarfe 210
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General Course Description

Research Methodology in Education
Overview of methodological approaches to research in education.

The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to research methodology by addressing the nature and purpose of various methods— all of which are useful in understanding educational phenomena. The course will not provide an extensive technical (operational) competence in any single method of research. Specifically, the course will:

  1. Familiarize students with a cross-section of methods available for the conduct of research in education (e.g., arts-based, experiments, surveys, field studies, discourse & historical analyses).
  2. Familiarize students with resources available to them for the conduct of research (e.g., research library, computer facilities, faculty expertise).
  3. Familiarize students with various rhetorical techniques for reading and writing research and provide an analysis of paradigmatic orientations to inquiry.
  4. Familiarize students with the challenges of research ethics in post-structural, post-positivistic times.

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