Help:Adding Media/Documents and PDFs

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To add a PDF or a document to a UBC Wiki page, it must first be uploaded to the wiki. To do this, go to the Upload File page which should also be on the left navigation bar under toolbox.

Once the file is uploaded, you will then need to create a link to the file page. After uploading the file, switch to wikitext and use the below link code examples for linking to a pdf or document on your wiki page:

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Formatting Example of Wiki Code to Use Display
Direct pdf link [[Media:TagInstitute2009.pdf ]] Media:TagInstitute2009.pdf‎.
Direct pdf link embedded in a word or phrase [[Media:TagInstitute2009.pdf | This is a link to a PDF]] This is a link to a PDF‎.
Link to the file page of the pdf [[File:TagInstitute2009.pdf ]] File:TagInstitute2009.pdf.
External link to pdf [ This is a link to a pdf] This is a link to a pdf

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