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Research Methodologies in Education
EDUC 500
Instructor: Cash Ahenakew
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Course Description (2015s)

Click here: Course:EDUC500/2015/001 This course provides an introduction to educational research methods, methodologies and philosophies. Specifically, the course: (1) Familiarizes students with a cross-section of methods available to educational researchers (e.g., actor-network theory, arts-based, discourse & historical analyses, experiments, field studies, indigenous, phenomenology, surveys); (2) Explores a cross-section media and technologies available to students for the conduct of research 2.0, including data collection, coding and analysis (e.g., databases & cybraries, data recording devices, OCR, translation, transcription and visualization apps, questionnaires, researchware, survey servers); (3) Familiarizes students with various rhetorical techniques for reading and writing research and analyzing paradigmatic orientations to inquiry. (4) Addresses challenges and regulation of research ethics and law.

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Course Description (2013)

Click here: Course:EDUC500/2013-2014/001 This course provides an introduction to major and emerging traditions of research methodologies and methods to engage in respectful and mutually reciprocal conversations in both generating and re-generating knowledge. Specifically, the course familiarizes students with: a) the diversity of paradigmatic orientations to inquiry including positivist, postpositivist and Indigenous; b) the challenges of ethics, research protocols, and protection of intellectual and cultural property when researching within different social and cultural contexts; c) various methods for collecting and analyzing/synthesizing data; d) a variety of techniques for reading and writing research; and, e) resources available for the conduct of research (e.g., research library, computer facilities, faculty expertise).

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Teams of Two:

Lesley L. & Christopher O.

Rachel A. & Simon B.

Andrea + Yolanda

Ewon M. & Amy M.

Maggie Q. & Angela Z.

Stephen F. & Johnson L.

Carmen N. & Stephanie D.

Teams of Three:

Aaron, Grace, Yuanna

Alan & Jeena (Theme: Service)

Leah and Niki

Teams of Four:

Helen B., Ann D., Shawna H., and Heidi K.

Eduardo, Angela, Bei & Meg

Anne M, Pius, James T, Selina G.