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Land and Food Systems
Welcome to the wiki for SoilWeb200. The SoilWeb200 learning resource provides students with text, graphical and interactive web-based information to assist them in learning the connections among a large number of concepts and to relate them to various soil management issues as presented in the course APBI 200 - Introduction to Soil Science.
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Soil is one of Earth’s key natural resources. As a foundation for all terrestrial vegetation, soil supplies us with food, fiber, and fuel. Soil also plays essential roles in filtering water, supporting biodiversity, and moderating global climate change. Every management practice (e.g., timber harvest, fertilizer application, installation of irrigation or drainage systems, application of biosolids) that we apply affects the soil and all soil organisms and higher plants growing in or on the soil. This section will introduce concepts of soil degradation, erosion, and soil quality.


Stripcropping in northeast Iowa.

Alternating strips of alfalfa with corn on the contour protects this crop field in northeast Iowa from soil erosion (Photo: NRCS-USDA).