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Video Game Law
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Instructor: Jon Festinger
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UBC Video Game Law Website
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This is the wiki is being being developed for LAW423b: Video Game Law. Among the purposes of this website is to develop an evolving knowledge base related to course topics.

Quest De Integro Ludus

latin for “concerning the whole”

Quest Instructions

  1. Form Guilds of up to 4 per group
  2. Guilds Choose Topics (no redundancies though Topics are potentially sub-dividable into distinct sub-topics). Guild picks a relevant name and creates an “origin story”.
  3. Ludology Research 1 – Find & Briefly Describe at least 7 relevant papers on topic page
  4. Ludology Research 2 – Discuss & Brief Synopsis of at least the 2 most important papers
  5. Legal Research 1 – Find & Briefly Describe at least 7 relevant papers
  6. Legal Research 2 – Discuss & Brief Synopsis of at least 2 most important papers
  7. Mid- Term Oral Reports: Provide a synopsis to the class of the current state of the law and Ludological research in the area your Guild has chosen + a brief written report. In-class presentation of up to 5 slides/5 minutes per group.
  8. Collaboratively define and describe how the law could change in the future
  9. Create a Pro & Con list re changes to the law
  10. Recommendations for Law Reform/Change
  11. Oral Opinions/Presentation: 2 sub-groups of the same Guild present up to10 slides of alternating but responsible views on critical aspects of their legal quest in up to 10 minutes. This is not intended as a debate but rather as a technique to fairly illuminate different perspectives on a particular issue.

Quest Content for the Wiki

While you will be completing all activities in the quest listed above, the content that you will be adding to the wiki is the following:

  • Guild Origin Story (1-2)
  • Ludology & Legal Research (3-6)
  • Recommendation for Law Reform (8-10)

Your Mid-term Oral Report (7) and Oral Opinions/Presentations (11) will be in-class.


Add your Guild name and wiki page here.

Ace Attorneys

Knights of Allardia


Guild of Calamitous Intent