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  • how to do the separate parts of the assignment (different pages for each step)
  • login to wordpress and upload
  • acquire the badge

Wiki in WordPress

Inserting Wiki Pages in WordPress

In order to insert wiki pages, you will need to have access to the WordPress pages section. This usually means you need to have editor or admin access (though it depends on the site settings).

  1. Add New Page (or use existing one).
  2. Click on the Wiki Embed icon. (The [[ ]] icon just above where it says Wiki Embed.)
    Screenshot of wiki embed icon in WordPress
  3. Copy and paste the full wiki page link (including the http part) into the box. (See the CLF Documentation for an example.)
  4. Choose your options. First one is tabs on/off, second is to not show the table of contents, and third is for links to edit the wiki page.

Remember that the wiki embed function is like an "insert" function, which means that you can have things in the WordPress page before and after if you wish.