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Welcome to Module 8: Collaboration Technologies
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Welcome to Week 8, Collaboration Technologies! We encourage you to explore our wiki page and collaborate with us on our Google Site. This week, we will introduce you to the idea of collaborative learning, take you on a journey through each of our vectors and encourage you to collaborate with us in our discussion area and on our Google Site. Our group decided to focus on Google Sites and Google Docs as products for our emerging market. Please navigate through the following vectors to inspect our analysis of these products and our evaluation of each vector prior to looking at our report card on this emerging market.

We look forward to sharing with you and learning from you during the week as we explore collaborative technology together. Welcome to our team!

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Google Site


1. Leading Learning Applications

2. Leading Solution Providers

3. Stability and Usability

4. Total Cost of Ownership

5. Future Potential

6. The Report Card

Additional Sections

Discussion Questions

Conclusion and Reflection