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Ethnography of South Asia
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Instructor: Dr. Sara Shneiderman
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Create Your Wiki Page

Add your team's project region to the box below and click on the create page button (note that you will need to be logged in to the UBC Wiki in order for this to work). On the template that loads, hit SAVE at the upper right of the page.

Project Table

After you have created your project page, please add your information to the project below. You can edit the table by double clicking on the table.

Team Number Project Region And Link
A1 Afghanistan
A2 Bangladesh
A3 Course:ANTH302A/2020/Bhutan
A4 South India
B1 ANTH302A/2020/Maldives
B2 Pakistan
B3 India (Central)
B4 Kashmir
C1 India - North
C2 Nepal
C4 Sri Lanka

Project List (auto generated)

Project Template