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I have been a Learning Resource Design Strategist for the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) at UBC-Vancouver (retired 2019) Much of my time was spent collaborating with faculty, students and others to create online learning resources and doing my best to leverage the tools and approaches that allow us to create, publish and share what we do. My blog/portfolio/scratchpad is:

Some examples of the projects I am involved with:

in progress

Documentation: Open UBC

Digital Learning Landscape

Digital Literacy Framework


from the archives:

World Cafe

Digital Tattoo Process Documentation

Learning Commons Process Documentation

Orientation to Teaching Online

Resource Management Framework

Online Professional Networking

Mind Mapping Resources

Framework and Planning Documents

A later translation by @cindyu
Early thoughts about flexible learning by @cindyu
Summary of LD framework for the Digital Tattoo Project
Summary of LD framework for the Learning Commons Website Project