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I am a Learning Resource Design Strategist for the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) at UBC-Vancouver. I spend much of my time collaborating with others to create online learning resources for students and faculty - doing my best to leverage the tools and approaches that allow us to create, publish and share what we do. My blog/portfolio/scratchpad is:

Some examples of the projects I am involved with:

in progress

Documentation: Open UBC

Digital Learning Landscape

Digital Literacy Framework


from the archives:

World Cafe

Digital Tattoo Process Documentation

Learning Commons Process Documentation

Orientation to Teaching Online

Resource Management Framework

Online Professional Networking

Mind Mapping Resources

Framework and Planning Documents

A later translation by @cindyu
Early thoughts about flexible learning by @cindyu
Summary of LD framework for the Digital Tattoo Project
Summary of LD framework for the Learning Commons Website Project