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The UBC Wiki has been upgraded on July 16 to include new features that will make it easier to use. The inherent qualities of the UBC Wiki platform, combined with the ease of access, provides a solid foundation for a collaboration space for the UBC community. Learn more about the new functionality below.

Visual Editor

After the upgrade, you have the choice to create or edit or pages using the Visual Editor. The Visual Editor, which will be one of the biggest changes, is similar to the interface on Wikipedia.org, and it includes new additional features that make wiki editing a lot easier.

UBC Wiki's new Visual Editor

New image search and embed feature

Now you can search image directly on Wikimedia Commons and UBC Wiki. The visual editor makes it much easier for you to find creative common licensed images. It allows you to search and embed images directly form the Wikimedia Commons and UBC Wiki.

embedding images from wikimedia commons

New table tool

It used to be tough creating and editing tables in UBC wiki since it required you to learn the table markup. Now adding tables and modifying tables is just as easy as creating a table in Microsoft Word. You can easily merge cells and add a table row directly from the Visual Editor. .

tables in visual editor

New Citation tool

Citation in the Visual Editor

We have a new tool that helps you to create a citation. You still have the choice of manually entering citation as well.

Math and Chemical formula tool

The new math and chemical formula tools make it a lot easier for you to add math and chemical formula. The visual editor helps you to add LaTex such as and Chemical formula.png by simply adding the formula from the tool.

Math Formula Tool
Chemical Formula Tool

New Category feature

Categorizing wiki pages becomes a lot more user-friendly. When you type to add a category, it will automatically look up for existing category that may match with what you type. It will prevent you from adding duplicate categories (such as Accessibility category vs accessibility category)

New category feature

Learn how to use Visual Editor from Help:Visual Editor

Notes to users who are using DPL

Warning Message

If you're using DPL, please note that after to the update, a warning message "Extension:DynamicPageList (DPL), version 2.3.0" will appear if there are no page results from DPL (For example, you set up a DPL so that pages associated withthe category "Wiki upgrade" will show up but pages associated with the category do not exist ). If you want to hide the warning message , you can add the parameter noresultsheader=\n For example:

category = UBC tools

page_counter is removed

Unfortunately as of MediaWiki version 1.25, the page_counter parameter is removed. i.e. when you add the parameter addpagecounter = true to the DPL, it will generate a warning message.

Using "frame" attribution on image

After the UBC Wiki upgrade, whenever you use "frame attribution on image, it will always ignore the size specification. See Help:Images. If you want to reduce size of the image, and have a frame on the image, you can use thumb attribution instead.


Will the update affect my wiki page? Do I need to do anything?

We tested to make sure that the update will not cause any major issue to the existing page. However, it is always a good idea to double-check if the pages or courses you have created are working properly after the update. If you have any concern, please feel free to email lt.hub@ubc.ca

I'm embedding a wiki page on my Wordpress site. Will this update cause an issue on an embedded page?

As far as we tested, no. However, it is still a good idea to double-check if your embedded pages are working or not. If you find any issue after the update- please email lt.hub@ubc.ca.

Visual Editor? Does it mean I cannot edit using the old wiki markup anymore?

Don't worry- you can still edit the article using the old UBC Wiki markup by clicking on Wikitext instead of Edit.


What can I do to prepare myself for the upgrade?

  • If you are using DPL in your page, and there are several DPL that falls under the situation in Notes to users who are using DPL , adding the parameter noresultsheader=\n to the DPL will help.
  • If you are planning for a wiki assignment course in the summer, strategize how the upgraded wiki environment will change the workflow for your students.
  • After the update, double check if the course or a page that you are working

Do you have any concerns?

If you have any concerns regarding the upgrade - please feel free to email lt.hub@ubc.ca