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This page is for listing suggestions and to-do's for maintaining and improving the UBC Wiki. Major updates to the UBC Wiki usually take place between terms.

2018 Upgrade

  • Update around April 25th. Term 2 is over around April 25th.

To Do's

  • Schedule a meeting for mid march to check in
  • Remind Pan, David, Novak about upgrade
  • Ask Novak to send upgrade notice to all Users
  • Probably need to flag CMS group who may have embedded wiki content
  • Change log notes: what will change
  • Prepare documentation on visual editor
  • Really need to test how upgrade will impact Wiki Embed

Staging Wiki Notes

The following are items that need to be resolved on the staging wiki:

  • Keep on the same staging
  • Rating Extension needs to be installed and tested on staging. Current extension unmaintained but used heavily on UBC Wiki. New fork here: https://github.com/redekopmark/RatingBar
  • UI is a bit broken (.js issue)
  • DPL - In the new version of the DPL - when there's an extra spacing on the DPL, it gives an error message saying Extension:DynamicPageList (DPL), version 3.1.1: Warning: No parameter option supplied for ' '. (Missing '=') - > Pan may be able to remove space on Database level. Worse case go on older version.
  • Chemical formula and math formula on visual editor doesn't work. (The latex and formula itself are working) . If it doesn't work by April, best to hide the button until i tworks.
  • enable File Upload + adding current version of Creative Commons License. (Rie will work on adding current version of Creative Commons License)
  • Pan will update to 1.30 for the staging wiki - that may solve the problem for the visual editor we have.
  • Adding indication that this page is "creative common licensed" on the bottom of the page?
  • Commons.js started to work after getting rid of collapsible table and moved the code that indicates /***START GOOGLE ANALYTICS TIMER***/ to the end. Check if there are consequences for that.

Resources that may need to be updated

  • Resources on how to use visual editor (especially citation, and how to use template on the new visual editor)


May Update Wish List

  • Update MediaWiki to 1.28.x. Note: 1.29 scheduled for June 2017
  • Core Verf complete by April 1, Prod Go Live! date of April 29, 2017
  • Revise or Rethink UBC CLF skin to make updates require less work.
  • Update Upload Wizard to include newest versions of Creative Commons License. Update CC-license templates.
  • Implement Flow. Convert Liquid Threads to Flow
  • Review functionality around changing user names to allow for users to set their own username rather than being derived from CWL.
  • Review/update documentation, tutorials for using UBC Wiki (especially for teaching and learning).
  • Review and update all extensions. Remove extensions not in common use.
  • Add Timed Media Handler to allow audio files to be added to wiki.
  • Review options/implement solution for rendering PDF's (especially via Collections extension}
  • Review how wiki content embeds into new LMS/edX - roadmap wiki embed like functionality for those spaces.
  • Extend Collection Extension to allow for embedding of collection into WP.
  • Transition Wiki to Shibboleth authentication [1]
  • Review front page - add "how to teach with the wiki" section

Meeting Notes

June 15, 2017

  • Options to upgrade the current skin or update mediawiki with media wiki skin + mobile skin
  • Pan's team will look into upgrading authentication system on Wiki (Most likely Shibboleth Authentication). Pan will have an idea on the timeline after the team look into the options
  • Issues with extension when upgrading to newer version: Math and DPL.

April 2017

  • Ecosystem integration
  • Maybe LTI? Talk to Derek
  • Javascript - not-sustainable in Bb; need to test in new LMS. See here for the test result.
  • Will to set up meeting with Derek