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Open Scholarship
UBC Library Sub-Committee of DAL & RESC
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Open Scholarship
Open scholarship, which encompasses open access, open data, open educational resources, and all other forms of openness in the scholarly and research environment, is changing how knowledge is created and shared. This is a committee from UBC Library that aims to support all aspects of open scholarship.
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Key Projects

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Open Scholarship Sub-Committee

A Joint Report to the Discovery, Access & Learning Committee and Research Standing Committee

Terms of Reference | June 6, 2018


This sub-committee of DAL & RESC is intended to coordinate UBC Library’s efforts within the landscape of open at UBC, particularly in light of UBC’s emerging focus on knowledge mobilization and open community engagement in its new Strategic Plan. “Open scholarship” is emerging as an umbrella term covering the multiple areas of open access, open education, open science, open data, open software development, and more. It is also the focus of a specific initiative currently being led through a UBCO-UBCV Working Group (part of the UBC campus wide task force on Open Scholarship). The Library will be more effective in supporting these efforts if key staff members with a stake in these issues are working in a coordinated and synergistic manner.


The Open Scholarship Sub-Committee will have three main goals:

  1. Support campus-wide initiatives and advocacy for Open Scholarship
  2. Plan and deliver events with CTLT and other partners across both campuses
  3. Develop tools and resources on open scholarship, such as a campus Open Scholarship web presence

Initial Tasks

  1. Coordinate what is happening at the Library and, in partnership with other UBC units, inform the Library Executive Team and whichever campus task force is designated to steer open scholarship efforts. This could include:
    • Promoting work that is happening in UBC Library and at UBC more generally
    • Conducting an environmental scan of how other libraries are supporting open scholarship
    • Delivering staff and user education about what is occurring in open scholarship
    • Developing a briefing paper and short list of proposed objectives that could be furthered under the Library’s new Strategic Plan.
  2. Re-examine UBC’s Open Access Position Statement (2013) and advise on strategies for strengthening its scope and impact - for example, advocating for language in research and tenure criteria that rewards open approaches.
  3. In partnership with the Open UBC Working Group, evaluate and redevelop the website to cover open scholarship more broadly.
  4. Develop an Open Scholarship yearly event plan and framework.

Proposed Membership

  • Erin Fields, Liaison Librarian & Flexible Learning Coordinator (Co-lead)
  • Stephanie Savage, Scholarly Communications & Copyright Librarian (Co-lead)
  • Eugene Barsky, Research Data Management Librarian
  • Leonora Crema, Scholarly Communications & Copyright Librarian
  • Will Engle, Open Education Strategist, CTLT 
  • Tara Stephens-Kyte, Digital Repository Librarian
  • Sarah Parker, Reference Librarian, Woodward Library
  • Mathew Vis-Dunbar, Southern Medical Program Librarian & Open Scholarship, UBC-O



Monthly meetings are scheduled with the possibility of additional meetings to work on tasks