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Welcome to the wiki for the Open Eduction Resource Repository Working Group. This wiki is a space for the OERR Working Group piloting supports and services for the Open Education Resource Repositories on campus.
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At the outset of the content curation process, the curator needs to have a clear plan that identifies:

Purpose – What is the mission statement behind your content strategy?

Audience – Who will be using the curated resources? In addition to the purpose statement for the collection, is the identification of content that will and will not be included in the collection. This criteria needs to consider:

Subject – What area will the collection cover? Is there any area within the larger subject that should be excluded?

Material Type – What kind of media will the collection contain (e.g. videos, podcasts, etc.?) What media types will be excluded from the collection?

Pedagogical - Does the resource encourage active learning and class participation? Are there opportunities for students to test their understanding of the material (e.g. a video with embedded questions)? Does the information directly address one or more of the class objectives?

Accuracy and Production Quality - Is the information accurate? Are there major content errors or omissions? Are there spelling errors or typos? Is the resource available in alternative formats (e.g. .doc)? For audio or video resources, is there a transcript or subtitles?