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Open Education Resource Repository Working Group
Welcome to the wiki for the Open Eduction Resource Repository Working Group. This wiki is a space for the OERR Working Group piloting supports and services for the Open Education Resource Repositories on campus.
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Project Overview

Open Educational Resource Repositories (OERR) are under development on campus with financial support from Flexible Learning - Teaching and Learning Education Fund (FL-TLEF). The OERR are meant to support both the archiving of internally created and externally curated educational content. While the primary site of development is with the Department of Statistics (See: , the additional use of the DSpace repository will be available to UBC projects interested in OERR creation (e.g. Biology, Carl Wieman Centre, etc.) While these projects are under development, the Library has been contacted for consultation and collaboration on a variety of issues related to finding, using, and re-using the repository content. Fortunately the Library excels in these key areas (i.e. identification, curation, permissions/copyright) but the service requests are decentralized. Some request are coming through individual library units, subject librarians, through the Flexible Learning Librarian, or/and through the Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office. A defined service model for these requests is needed.

Desired Outcomes

  1. UBC Library builds collaborative partnerships with OERRs on campus
  2. Library builds education and service modules that permit submitters to undertake appropriate tasks in populating OERR – please refer to appended documents
  3. Library aligns itself with current trend in post-secondary learning

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An example of the final product can be found here: