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The UBC eLink Icon

Only upload materials to the UBC Wiki that you own the copyright to or have permission to share. If you wish to link to copyrighted material that is available through the UBC Library, you may use the Template:UBC eLink or the Template:Permalink to create hyperlinked icons to the material.


The UBC eLink template is intended to facilitate the linking of the UBC Library's holdings of external journal articles and resources. Please visit the Library's website for more information on eLinks.

To add an eLink icon to your page:

  1. Perform a search on a Library database
  2. If the database is eLink-enabled, the eLink icon will appear in either the brief or the detailed citation in a location chosen by the database vendor.
  3. Click the icon. A UBC Library page with a list of links that are appropriate for that citation will appear in a new window. This is the "UBC eLinks for this Citation" menu.
  4. Copy the url for this Library page
  5. Add the following code to your wiki page: {{Template:UBC eLink|link=url}}
  6. Replace the word "url" with the actual library url for your resource.

eLink Example

Input Output
{{Template:UBC eLink|link=

Permalink Template

The permalink template is intended to make the linking of the UBC Library's permanent links to their catalogue entries easier for making bibliographies.

To add a hyperlinked permalink icon to your wiki page:

  1. Find an item in the UBC Library catalogue
  2. Copy the url for that item
  3. Paste the following code into your wiki page: {{Template:Permalink|link=url}}
  4. Replace the word "url" with the actual url from the library catalogue

Permalink Example

Input Output
Permalink.svg Permalink

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