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Below is an example of a completed UBC Mix Profile Template (Lydia Jones' profile as of LydiaJones). You can view the completed profile here You will notice that it includes some instance of wiki markup, the syntax and keywords that format the text. For example, placing an asterisk before a line will create a bullet. Note that you can also use the formatting toolbar to do much of your typical formatting like bold, italic, links, images, etc. For more on formatting see the Formatting Page.


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About UBC Mix
UBC Mix is an initiative on campus to help partner instructors, students and courses together to create an interdisciplinary atmosphere for better learning and understanding. Browse the profiles below to connect with other members of the teaching community or create your own.
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Logo.png This article is part of the UBC Mix Community Portal

UBC Mix Profile Template Example



Job Title

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Contact Information


What would you like to do?

  • As UBC Mix Coordinator, my job is to support your interdisciplinary ambitions. I want to promote the continuation and/or growth of existing mixes, help create new partnerships, and create opportunities for the UBC teaching community to identify possible interdisciplinary opportunities. The UBC Mix Resources Portal and Profiles on the UBC wiki one way that UBC Mix participants have suggested to reach these goals. Let me know how I'm doing: email me!
  • As a Teaching Assistant teaching German 100 and 110, I am interested in creating interdisciplinary experiences for my students centered around culture. Since my syllabus is departmental, and I can't deviate too far, I would be interested in low-level mixes like visitors to the class or swapping lectures. Topics of interest might include German history, dance, theatre, or music.

Link(s) to syllabuses or other relevant materials