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UBC Mix: Mixing up your Education
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...helps to partner instructors, students and courses together to create an interdisciplinary atmosphere for better learning and understanding.
Welcome to the UBC Mix Community Portal. Here you'll find examples of previous mixes, contact information for future mixes, and other resources to help you mix it up.

Welcome to the UBC Mix Community Portal! Here you'll find contacts, resources and other materials to support your interdisciplinary project.

About UBC Mix

UBC Mix is a TLEF-funded initiative that facilitates partnerships between instructors, students, and courses to create an interdisciplinary atmosphere for better learning and understanding.

Our Mix Team can help you to find Mix partners and design Mix activities. You can also meet up with potential partners at our Mixer networking luncheons each term. Check out our website for more information, or keep exploring our wiki! We've got information on how to get involved, a Mix examples archive, and a bunch of resources to support you as you Mix things up in your teaching and learning.

Get Involved

Add your profile to the wiki to develop our Mix community of practice and to share your Mix ideas and capacity!


Below is a roadmap to the resources available to you in your process of interdisciplinary teaching and learning. Happy Mixing! For general teaching and learning resources, check out the Teaching and Learning Resources Portal.

UBC Mix Possibilities

Mix Formats

Suggested Mix Formats

Pedagogical Approaches to Mixing

Pedagogical Approaches to Mixing

Conceptual Approaches for Mixing

Conceptual Approaches for Mixing

Interdisciplinary Happenings at UBC

Interdisciplinary Happenings at UBC

Mix Archive

Past Mixes

Past Mixes

Mix Partners

Mix Partner Profiles

Mix Events: Notes, Ideas, and Feedback

Have you attended a Mixer networking event or a Mix teaching and learning workshop? Click here for notes from the event, shared ideas, and event feedback information!

Resources on Interdisciplinarity

Best practices, tips, techniques, and more, gathered from the scholarship of teaching and learning and from consultation with Mix partners on campus.

Challenges and Barriers to Interdisciplinarity

Challenges and barriers to interdisciplinarity

Definitions of Interdisciplinarity in Higher Education

Definitions of interdisciplinarity in higher education

Designing an Interdisciplinary Course

Designing an interdisciplinary course

Disciplinary Diversity in the Classroom

Disciplinary diversity in the classroom

Interdisciplinary Team Teaching

Interdisciplinary team teaching

Additional Resources

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