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|- |Lydia Jones |width=30%|

  • Free University of Berlin (formerly at UBC)


  • Long distance collaborations (Vancouver - Berlin). Topic/format is open!

|- |Joanne Fox |width=30%|

  • Michael Smith Laboratories
  • Department of Microbiology and Immunology
  • Faculty of Science


  • Teaches MICB405: Bioinformatics
  • Teaches SCIE113: First Year Seminar in Science
  • Co-organizes the Terry* project.
  • Interested in creating a joint lecture series, opportunity to pair class with SCIE113 Science & Society speaker series

|- |Sunaina Assanand |width=30%|

  • Department of Psychology
  • Faculty of Arts


  • Psychology 304, Brain and Behaviour
  • Psychology 305, Personality Psychology
  • Psychology 307, Cultural Psychology
  • Psychology 320, Gender Psychology
  • Interested in Joint Lectures and Lecture Series, Mixed Community Service Learning (CSL) Projects, Swapping Classes for a Lecture

|- |Luisa Canuto |width=30%|

  • Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies
  • Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology


  • Teaches ITAL 101, ITAL 102, ITAL 201, ITAL 202
  • These are all language courses for beginner and intermediate students of Italian language and culture

|- |Allen Sens |width=30%| Department of Political Science |width=45%|

  • Teaches Introduction to International Relations (2nd year)
  • Interested in possible mixes with 2nd year science courses addressing climate change, nuclear weapons, chemical and/or biological weapons, any other possibilities.

|- |Ray Hsu |width=30%| Creative Writing |width=45%|

  • Interested in creating an interdisciplinary workshop on media, literacy, advocacy.

|- |Machiel Van der Loos |width=30%| Dept. of Mechanical Engineering |width=45%|

  • Teaches undergraduate design courses, such as the 4th-year capstone design project course.
  • Often brings in speakers from industry to give students an idea of what kind of career options they have.
  • Interested in collaboration with other courses.

|- |Nisha Malhotra |width=30%|

  • Dept. of Economics
  • UBC Mix
  • International Relations


  • ECON micro/macro economics
  • ECON international trade (3rd and 4th year)
  • ECON 490, students research papers on development, gender population and health. (anemia among women, discrimination against girls, birth rates).
  • I am interested in guest lecturers to discuss the political side on international trade and creating a partnership with statistics.

|- |Christina Hendricks |width=30%|

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Philosophy and Arts One


  • Arts One/Science One mixes

|- |Annette Berndt |width=30%|

  • Centre for Professional Skills Development
  • Faculty of Applied Science (Engineering)


  • Teach APSC 201 (Technical Communication):
    • Engineering students learn about context and documentation, audience and purpose by writing instruction sets, mechanism descriptions, formal reports, letters and memoranda.
  • Teach APSC 263 (Technology and Development, subtitled "The Global Engineer")
    • Elective for engineering students with a few seats for arts students. In collaboration with the Maiwa Foundation, students work on sociotechnical problems identified by rural artisans in India (without travelling to India) and learn how social context influences the design and implementation of proposed solutions.
  • Interested in developing joint assignments and/or collaborating on mixed Community Service-Learning projects with colleagues involved in
    • Sauder's D-Studio
    • Journalism
    • Education (visual literacy issues in teaching and learning)
    • Cultural Studies
    • Anthropology/Sociology
    • Chemistry (water purification, rapid/natural dyes)
    • Engineering (Chemical, Materials, Mechanical)
    • Etc.

|- |Natalie Baloy |width=30%|

  • CTLT
  • Department of Anthropology


  • As UBC Mix Student Coordinator, I have lots of ideas about potential Mixes.
  • Contact me to discuss your Mix ideas and I'll link you with partners and resources!

|- |VictoriaWood |width=30%| College of Health Disciplines |width=45%|

  • I work with a team of faculty and staff from different programs across campus to develop learning experiences that bring together students from a range of disciplines to learn with, from and about each other.
  • I organize and promote the College of Health Disciplines Parisian Salon Series. Encourage your students to attend!

|- |Arlene Sindelar |width=30%|

  • Department of History
  • Faculty of Arts


  • LASO 204 Introduction to Law and Society
  • HIST 101 World History Topics: Sin, Sex and Society in the Pre-Modern World

|- |L.M. (Les) Lavkulich |width=30%|

  • TerreWeb


  • Being kept informed
  • Innovations in integrating emerging IT into courses on Communications

|- |Eugenia Yu |width=30%| Statistics |width=45%| Statistical consulting

|- |Gordon Bates |width=30%|

  • Department of Chemistry
  • Science One


  • Encourage MIX activities involving Science One
  • Past events which were joint with Arts One included speakers and a film/discussion night. We also had a joint project with Hist 104 and the biology unit of Science One (two years)
  • Would welcome Guest speakers (especially those whose interests cross traditional boundaries), possible short micro-course units for presentation to Science One

|- |Kyle Nelson |width=30%| The Faculty of Land and Food Systems and the UBC Community Learning Initiative |width=45%| I feel that the power of story telling is often over looked. Stories empower, enable and engage. The ability to shape and share a story about you and your work is a powerful way to empower people to act, enable processes to change and engage those on the periphery who might otherwise stand still.

|- |TerreWEB |width=30%| TerreWEB |width=45%| TerreWEB is a graduate training program that focuses on effective communication of global change research. Selected as one of three 2011 programs at UBC funded by the NSERC-CREATE (Collaborative Research and Training Experience) initiative, TerreWEB aims to have Master and PhD students integrate global change science, social science and communications research. TerreWEB is an enriched, interdisciplinary and collaborative graduate training program focused on global change impacts on terrestrial ecosystems, mitigation and adaptation strategies, and the role of scientific communication to affect appropriate changes in human behaviour for adapting to global change. TerreWEB is inclusive, and invites current and potential UBC graduate student and their supervisor, with research focusing on terrestrial ecosystems and communication to become a part of our team. We are looking to collaborate on a wide-range of projects, e.g. seminars, workshops, campus-wide and off-campus internships and lab-rotations, outreach initiatives and more.

|- |Carla Paterson |width=30%|

  • Faculty of Applied Science


  • APSC 261 and 262: these are technology and society courses focusing on sustainability at UBC
  • We would like to:
    • invite folks to join us for guest lectures
    • be able to join other classes for special lectures
    • bring students from different disciplines together to work on assignments

|- |Shayna Plaut |width=30%|

  • Faculty of Education
  • Liu Institute for Global Issues


  • I am in the final stages of putting together a human rights reporting class at the Graduate School of Journalism where we will be bringing in Political science, Law, First Nations Studies, and Gender Studies faculty/staff/readings/issues and students
  • I am always eager to bring in human rights issues into unconventional - or perhaps non-obvious places/spaces/curricula/audiences. I am happy to help connect people to various resources (readings, guest speakers, events) that can do so.

|- |Sam Fenn |width=30%| UBC History |width=45%| I am interested in facilitating student initiated and led interdisciplinary mixes at UBC. This could include undergraduate research clusters, student directed seminars, discussion groups at global speaker series and much more. Please email me or drop by the Center for Student Involvement to discuss mix ideas!

|- |Create a'wi UBC Mix Profile/ |width=30%| ctlt |width=45%|