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FRST522: Exploring Illegal Forestry, a Case Study Project

Sample Assignment


This assignment asks students to research and create a case study that responds to the question, “Who wins and who loses from illegal logging ?” Students were asked examine specific, real world examples of illegal logging in a region of their choosing. The instructor devoted three lecture blocks in total, with the remainder of the work done outside of class. Students were given three weeks to complete this assignment. A laptop is required for the completion of this project. It is especially important that students have individual laptops for this class in order to work with the Wiki in the guided instructional workshop.

In Class Sessions

1. Introduction: Instructor introduces the concept of "illegal logging" and assigns case-study assignment.

2. Using the Wiki: Students should have information on their chosen region as well as a list of questions they will use to guide their case study prior to the session with the CTLT (UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology) who will lead a 20 - 45 minute tutorial on how to use the UBC Wiki.The rest of the class will be dedicated to populating the wiki, with support from the instructor.

3. Final Presentations: Students will give their final presentations of their case-studies during a block of class time.

Student Hand-Outs

  1. What is Illegal Logging? - Student Hand-Out
  2. Getting Started With Wiki Editing
  3. Peer Evaluation
  4. Grading Rubric