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Welcome to the Spring 2017 session of the CDI!

Please note that the facilitators will be tweaking the design of the next CDI up until a few days before the offering. The information below is to give you the gist of what we plan to do. Check back closer to the date of the next offering for a version of the plan that will be closer to what we'll be working from.


This is the central hub for accessing the resources you will need for each day of the session. You can download the 3 day schedule here.

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes will (in part) be informed by your participation in the CDI. As a place to start (and to guide our planning), we propose outcomes for the session and for each day.

Working Docs

We'll be using the following two documents as guides during the three days of the CDI. You can choose to access these guides in whatever way works best for you.

If you use google docs, you may want to copy the following guides to your google space so that you can edit directly on the document.

If you don’t use google docs, here are the docs in DocX (Word):

We will have a few print copies on hand during the CDI for those who prefer hand written notes.

Pre-Work for Day 1

Pre-work for Day 1
  • Readings:
  • Prep document: Planning Your Course Pre-Considerations

Wiki: Daily Resources


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