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Why use clickers?

Clickers are a useful tool designed to provide rapid feedback to both students and instructors. Clickers allow instructors to quickly gauge the level of class understanding, allowing them to customize their lecture to match the needs of the class. They can also be used as a way to spark discussion on a given topic, and allow students to voice their opinion even in a large lecture. Several articles about the effectiveness of clickers used in a lecture can be found here: Research on the Effectiveness of Classroom Response Systems.

Purchasing a clicker

Clickers cost $44.95 new / $33.70 used at the UBC Bookstore. Used clickers can be sold back to the UBC Bookstore for 50% of the current retail price.

  • Check the discount bookstore on campus if the UBC Bookstore is out of stock.
  • The bookstore will only be selling the iClicker+. This functions identically to the previous clicker, and either can be used in class.
  • There is also an iClicker app called REEF that you might be able to use. Check with your instructor. More info can be found here.

Registering your clicker

If you are enrolled in a course that uses clickers, you'll have to register your clicker to Canvas to receive credit for your answers. Remember that you only have to register your clicker once; once you have registered it for one course it is automatically registered for other courses that you have.

  • For Canvas courses, follow the instructions here to register your clicker.
  • If you switch clickers partway through a course, keep your old clicker registered until the term is complete. Register your new clicker, and complete the course with two clickers registered.
  • Those are zeroes, not the letter 'O'. No clicker ID contains the letter 'O'.

Using your clicker

You can use either a physical iClicker remote or REEF Polling to vote in class. Refer to REEF Polling for more information.

  • Turn on your clicker with the On/Off (power) button. To answer questions with your clicker, wait for your instructor to start a question and then select your answer from A-E. A green light will indicate that your vote has been received.
  • You can change your answer as many times as you would like for as long as the question remains open.
  • Depending on your classroom location, you may have to change the frequency of your clicker. This prevents students from nearby classrooms from unintentionally answering your instructor's questions. There are signs at the front of each classroom displaying the clicker frequency.
  • If the frequency sign in the classroom shows AA, you do not have to change your clicker's frequency since AA is the default frequency when you first turn on the clicker.
  • To change your clicker frequency:
A. Press the On/Off (power) button on the clicker until the blue power light begins flashing (hold for about 2 seconds).
B. Press the new two-letter code designated for the classroom. A green Vote Status light will indicate you have successfully changed your remote frequency.

The entire process takes about 3 seconds. This will remain in place for the duration of the lecture/session (as long as the remote is on). You will need to repeat this procedure for every lecture in the course unless you are using the iClicker+. Directions for changing a remote's frequency are on the back of every remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use an iClicker+ to answer questions?

Yes. An iClicker+ can be used to answer the same questions as an original iClicker remote, and either can be used to answer clicker questions. If you purchase a new clicker it will likely be the iClicker+ model which has added features but functions identically to the previous model.

Why do I get a red light when I vote?

This means that your answer was not received. Check to see that you are using the correct two-letter clicker frequency as posted at the front of the room (see the back of your remote for directions on changing this frequency). If you are using the correct frequency, you may need to replace the batteries in the clicker.

Why won't my clicker turn on after replacing batteries?

If you only replaced two batteries, the clicker will not turn on. There are three batteries in the clicker. Make sure you replace all the batteries. Gently tap one end of the clicker and the third battery will come out. Also note that you may have difficulty with Duracell brand batteries. They have a different shape than other brands and may not work with your clicker. Note: iClicker+ has only two batteries to replace.

My clicker ID has worn off. How do I find out what it is?

If your iClicker ID has faded or been worn off, bring it to the help desk at the Chapman Learning Commons to get the ID retrieved. The Chapman Learning Commons is on the 3rd floor of the Irving K Barber Learning Centre. For a map and hours of operation, click here.

How do I change the clicker frequency?

Each classroom has a two-letter frequency code to prevent interference between classrooms. Remotes will default to AA when turned off. See the front of the room for a sign displaying the frequency code for that room.

A. Hold the On/Off (power) button on the clicker for about three seconds until the blue power light begins to flash.
B. Press the two-letter code designated for the classroom. A green Vote Status light will indicate you have successfully changed your remote frequency.

This frequency will remain set for the duration of the lecture/session (as long as the remote is on). This procedure must be repeated for every lecture in the course. Note: iClicker+ remembers frequencies, and does not need to be reset for every lecture. Directions for changing a remote's frequency are on the back of every remote.

Is there an app? Can I use my smartphone/laptop/tablet to answer clicker questions?

See the REEF Polling help page for information on iOS iClicker apps and web browser-based voting options. Your instructor must enable this for your course before you can use it, and you will be required to purchase a subscription.

Why can't my REEF application cannot connect to session or find the course even after my instructor has started the polling?

Let your instructor know about this issue that you are experiencing. Your instructor might need to update their software to i>clicker version 7.4.2 or newer to run REEF_Polling

Where do I go to register my clicker?

For courses in Canvas, follow the instructions at this link to register your clicker.

Do I have to register my clicker for every course?

You only have to register your clicker once. Your clicker will automatically register for other courses you are enrolled in.

Can I have two clickers registered?

Yes, this is fine as long as someone else does not register your clicker under their name. If you use both clickers during the same lecture, your votes will be incorrectly recorded and you will not receive marks for your answers.

Can I share my clicker with a friend in another course?

You and your friend should never be in the same class or section. If this is ever a possibility, do not share your clicker.
Sharing may cause problems to your and your friend's grades and is highly unrecommended. iClicker should be used by one student per term.

What do I do if I have found a clicker?

Lost clickers should be taken to the lost and found for the building they were found in.

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