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This idea was brought up by a Botany member on Feb 15th, 2012. She asked if there is a easier way to import events in Botany This Week broadcasting email into her iCal calendar, so that she doesn't have to type them in manually. We decide to roll out this Botany Shared Calendar, and we believe it will benefit many people.

Technology and Functionality

Since most of Botany members has migrated to FASmail system, which is built on Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server. We already have the technology here ready to be used. By share the calendar in a generic FASmail account ( with subscriber, PC MS Outlook 2007/2010 users, Mac Outlook 2011 users and Mac Mail/iCal users can simply open the shared calendar within the program they familiar with(please see the setting instructions below).
Also, we recognize that there are plenty of Google Calendar users. So we also create a public Google calendar, which will synchronize with the Botany Shared Calendar, so Google Account users can add the events to their calendar easily.
We have identified a Botany main office staff to be responsible for updating the shared calendar, and Botany IT will be responsible for technical support (Due to limited IT resource, we decide to only support PC and Mac Outlook, Mac Mail/iCal and Google account users)

Subscription procedure

So far we only provide support to FASmail account holder or Google account holder.
For Google account holder, you don't need to subscript to this shared calendar. please go to the instruction below and add our public Google Calendar to your Google Calendar. For FASmail account user using Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010 with PC, Outlook 2011 with Mac, or Mac iCal, please send an email to to subscript. In the email, please provide:

  • Your FASmail address;
  • Which program you are using to access the shared calendar.

Setting instructions

For FASmail account holder, please click the program you use for your calendar below:

For Google account holder:

  1. The URL for the public Google Calendar is  ;
  2. After open this URL with your web browser, you will see a "+Google Calendar" button at right bottom corner;
  3. By clicking this button, your web browser will go to your Google Account login page;
  4. After sign in to your Google account, there will be an pop out window asking you "Do you want to add this calendar? Would you like to add calendar: <>?";
  5. By clicking "Yes, add this calendar", you will have all Botany Events show up in your Google Calendar.

Technical support

For Technical support, please send your request to .