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Geography 350 Urban Landscape Project 98A May 2013

Overview of the Urban Landscape Project

If you have not already created your own neighbourhood wiki page, take the following steps:

  • Make sure you have logged in to the UBC wiki using your CWL.
  • Select the 'edit' tab to the right of the "Neighbourhood Projects" heading below.
  • Add the title of the project for your assigned group below the 'Neighbourhood Projects' heading using the WYSYWIG editor.
To create a link to the article, provide the full wiki URL, e.g. 
This will create a new page for your wiki article and automatically link to it. It is important that you provide the full URL, including the course and term number.


  • Preview the page, and if you are happy with your title, save the page.
  • Next, click on the link you have just created. This should take you to the new wiki page.
  • Select the edit tab at the top of the new page. Begin working on your article and save your changes.
  • NOTE: You can use the 'discussion' feature with your group if you wish to discuss aspects of your project without including that information in the wiki article itself.

To edit a wiki page:

  • select the page you wish to edit from the links below.
  • select the 'edit' tab at the top of the page.
  • edit the wiki page, preview your changes and then save them.

Information on editing the wiki page can be found here.

Examples of formatting the wiki page can be found here.

Wiki workflow

The development of your project should proceed using the following cycle:

  1. Outline your initial ideas in your newly created wiki page.
  2. Discuss your ideas with your classmates using the Discussion tab at the top of the wiki page.
  3. Update your wiki entry based on your discussion.
  4. Repeat the cycle until you have completed the assignment.

Neighbourhood Projects

Group 1 - Cloverdale, Surrey

Group 2 - North End, Winnipeg

Group 3 - Kensington, Vancouver

Kyle Rooney, Noor Attar

Group 4 - Vancouver Chinatown

Alwin Au & Danielle Russell

Group 5 - Strathcona

Group 6 - Vancouver Seawall

Group 7 - Point Grey

Matthew Di Prata, Marc-André Rapp, Wei Wei

Group 8 - Downtown East Side Gentrification

Cassia Drozdzik and Onami Rahman

Group 9 -Deer Lake Park, Burnaby

Susana Orozco Escobell

Group 10 -

James Neilson, Jenna Singh, Alexander Graham

Group 11 - Oppenheimer Park

Group 12 - Gentrification of the Downtown Eastside

Luke Harrison, Helene Miles, Darla Smith

Group 13 - Dunsmuir and Georgia Viaducts

Group 14 -Wreck Beach

Kenzie Hull, Amy Luo, Andrew McLellan, Stephanie Soo Beach

Group 15 - Gentrification of Downtown Eastside

Group 16 - Old Japan Town

Group 17 - Block 51