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This open access resource is developed by the students of FNIS 454: Indigenous New Media. Via summary and analysis of key article, this wiki explores the theoretical, cultural, socio-political, and gendered dynamics underwriting the histories and futures of Indigenous new media as it develops out of the late 90s and into the present moment.
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What the Frack? Speaking First Nations Truth, by Rodney Little Mustache

Oki Niisokowa/Tansi/ Boozhoo Aanii/ Kwékwé/ Kwe/Kíl 'láa/halawan/Yo/Taanish/Danit'ada/ Ullaakuu

         Being a person who loves watching news, I use my university critical thinking while watching. It angers me at times but MY Piikani, Niitsitapi traditions kick in and I pray for those who destroy something beautiful like DEMOCRACY and turn it to an oppressive, destructive & disrespectful tool.

           On June 3, 2019 I like many First Nations across this country, woke up early to watch the live broadcast of the MMIW&G final report Reclaiming Power & Place. Although I was tired, I felt more alive, BECAUSE I felt an immense warmth and IT overcome me in such a beautiful way, I felt honored, but I felt ACKNOWLEDGED, recognized, accepted, AND it SHOWED what respect is, you know THE BEST PARTS OF LOVE. I have felt these emotions before with my family & friends, BUT to have a Nationally funded report do this to one person imagine ALSO, how many other ááwowáakii or two-Spirits across this land felt this. THE report the UGLINESS of, a word that has been an interest OF mine after seeing Winds of War, and War & Remembrance as well for 154 years, or as of today 56,186 days GENOCIDE, which has been allowed to exist in this country.

           So, with the renewed energy & a working knowledge of Twitter, I have constantly tried to start the “uncomfortable conversation’ my own way by being straight forward & critical of leadership. Although I am ONE voice, I have learned that those who speak with one voice, like 2slgbtqia+ community leaders Jim Deva & Harvey Milk who used their VOICE’s to get us here today. But little did I know that the aim of twitty, was networking for information and commerce, not for the goals of political and social protest, the vocalization and amplification if minority voices and points of view. (Kim, 2014) But if i/we remain silent we allow Genocide to thrive which is just outright cruel & inhuman right? So CAN someone send the Leader of the Opposition a twitty to CHANGE his views on THE WORLD, SO we can all thrive ask him to SPEAK UP on our behalf as well, its his job, right?

           My mother says to be careful I may say or do things that people may not like and that will ruin my chances of getting hired, well so be it. I do not answer to them. twitty, rcmp, or to any committee, I answer an unknown source of Energy that fills my life with positive energy and with the best parts of love. I keep hearing these two words, FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE, which made me think CAN we can make this HAPPEN and IF so, do you think it is time? I do, and not to polarize political views, it is my strong belief that WE ARE ALL ONE, and words like Equality, Unceded, Respect can exist if we only let them. No one will be left behind, its in everyone of us to love, and be loved.

‘When the earth gets better’ my little niece said these words,

see even a child of 5 believes we can be positive …

why can’t we be?