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Please follow the below directions to get started with your project.

Create Your Wiki Entry

1. Login to the UBC Wiki

Click the CWL button on the top of the page and login from there.

2. Create Your Assignment Page

We have made it easy for you to create your assignment page right from here. Just add the title of your project to the approperiate box below and click on the create page button (note that you will need to be logged in to the UBC Wiki in order for this to work). Once the entry template loads, hit SAVE one the upper right. You can delete or modify the template when you are ready to start writing your article.


If you are creating a page about a writer, please use the below box to create your project:

Literary Work

If you are creating a page about a literary work, please use the below box to create your project:

3. Add Your Information to the Project Table

Once you have created your wiki page, add your team information the course project (below).

4. Begin Writing!

Your new wiki page will be created with some suggested headings and sections.

Course Project Table

After you have created your project page, please add your information to the project below. You can edit the table by double clicking on the table.

Team # Project Area
1 Liu Cixin
2 Atlas
3 Dung Kai-Cheung
4 Love in a Fallen City
5 The Song of Everlasting Sorrow
6 The Three Body Problems
7 Wang Anyi
8 Zhang Henshui

Project List (Auto Generated)