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Chinese Celebrity Culture:
Histories, Theories, and Debates
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About this Book
Chinese Celebrity Culture is an open wikibook currently being developed by students in ASIA 321.
ASIA 321 Course Info
  • Instructor: Dr. Renren Yang 杨任任 (He, Him, His); Assistant Professor of Modern Chinese Popular Culture
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Table Of Contents
  • Introduction: The State of the Field of Chinese Celebrity Studies
  • Part 1: Multiple Histories of Chinese Celebrities
  • Section 1: Chinese Film and TV Stardom
  • Section 2: Chinese Literary Celebrities
  • Section 3: Celebrities in Premodern China
  • Section 4: Histories of Chinese Wanghong
  • Part 2: Key Concepts and Terminologies in Celebrity Studies
  • Part 3: Central Topics in Chinese Celebrity Studies
  • Part 4: Major Debates in Chinese Celebrity Studies
  • Part 5: Critiques of Celebrity Journalism
  • Part 6: Annotated Bibliography
  • Conclusion: New Approaches in Chinese Celebrity Studies

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