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These are new courses that have not yet received their own number. When looking up 490 courses on the UBC Calendar or SSC, drill down on the initial 490 list to get the individual course listings (see below for course details).

You can register for more than one APBI 490 course – however, SSC will not let you do so through the normal online mechanism. To register in more than one APBI 490, sign up for one in the usual method, then contact LFS Student Services at for help registering for additional APBI 490 courses.

Topics in Applied Biology

Please note this course has multiple sections:

  • Note: APBI490/Section_99C (Distance Education) Aquaculture and the Environment has been renamed as APBI319 (Course:APBI319)
  • APBI490/Section_201 Biology of Stress in Animals has been renamed as APBI413 (Course:APBI413)
  • APBI490/Section_006 Belowground Forest Ecosystems has been renamed as APBI 412 (Course:APBI412)