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I'm currently the Learning Technology co-op student at the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology. I'm also a 3rd-year Engineering Physics student.

Learning Technology Co-op

I work on the Digital Tattoo, Learning Commons, and DIY Media websites. My co-op term will be ending in December 2014, and I will no longer be maintaining this Wiki account. Here is a link to my personal/student Wiki account: feel free to get in touch with me there.

If you have a question about something happening on one of those websites, send me an email me at john dot harvey at ubc dot ca.

Important pages

Personal Life

I help run UBC Rapid, an engineering student team which is focused on building and developing open-source rapid prototyping technologies. We've been focused on 3D printers thus far, but we're branching out into CNC mills, 3D scanners, and pellet-to-filament extruders. If you need something prototyped, or just want to have a look at what we're doing, talk to us!