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Welcome to the UBC Wiki!

Thanks for signing up!

You are the most important resource for the UBC Wiki. Please create new pages, edit articles, join discussions, make comments, or ask questions. Your knowledge and participation makes the UBC Wiki a better resource.

Things you might want to do right away

Tips for New Users

  1. We have a help section with lots of info on how to work with the software the runs the UBC Wiki.
  2. If you have some particular info you want to share, see the guidelines about where you can stick it. If you're not sure, put it where you think it fits best and someone else will move it to the right place.
  3. The UBC Wiki is a shared space and a community. Please consider editing your user page. Other users will get to know and trust your work.
  4. When you edit an article, you can make a short comment describing your change. If you remove information or change info, make a note of it there.
  5. Articles you work on can and probably will be changed by other people. Making changes will often inspire others to make additions to your work.
  6. Every article has an associated Talk page where we discuss how best to work on that article. If you're wondering what's up with some article, why it's this way instead of that, check the talk page by clicking the discussion link.
  7. Other UBC Wiki users can send you messages through your user talk page. When there are new messages on your talk page, you'll see a yellow notice the next time you use the Wiki. You should check to see what someone has to say.
  8. There are lots of articles on the UBC Wiki that "aren't quite there yet". Don't assume that just because something's left out, misspelled, or weirdly formatted that we want it that way.
  9. We want to make the UBC Wiki a resource that can be easily exported and syndicated, such as in printed pages or embed the content to UBC Blogs or UBC CMS using Wiki embed.
  10. The UBC Wiki has a large and active community of people who want to make this project a success. You may not see us at first, but we're here!
Parts of this list were inspired by Wiki Travel

Learn Your Way Around...

Unlike other wikis you may be familiar with, the UBC Wiki is organized into different collections. You might want to explore these different spaces to understand where to put your content. This video gives a brief tour and introduction to the UBC Wiki: