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Hi Sina,

Thanks for using the UBC Wiki. As part of an effort to better organize the UBC Wiki, we're moving new pages into the appropriate spaces on the wiki. I've noticed that you've recently created a couple of pages (Phase Field Model: Friction Force on Interface and International_Development) and I think they might be better off in a different namespace on the wiki. Right now, they are in the main space, which is a shared area of the Wiki where no one "owns" any article and everyone is encouraged to edit every page. Unless you are actively seeking people to edit these pages, I would suggest moving them either to the Sandbox, Course (if they relate to a course), or into a subpages of your user name. This table provides some suggestions on the best places for content - Help:Namespaces#Examples_of_What_Type_of_Content_Goes_Where.

Please see Help:Moving a page for information on how to move your pages. Please let me know if I can provide further info or help out in anyway. Best,

17:58, 17 February 2011

Hi Will,

Those articles are related to a research project (not only my research) and to the Engineers Without Borders (a student group). So I can not put them in a course or my own name space. I will eventually assign category to them and make all related article into one category. I think combination of namespace and category can be used to organise articles on the wiki.

If we assign "research" as a namespace it might be too broad. So I used "Phase Field Model" as name space. I don't know its up to you to decide.


21:25, 17 February 2011

Hi Sina,

Thanks for your quick response. Unfortunately, our namespaces are mainly limited to Course, Documentation, User, and Sandbox and we are not instituting any new ones at this point (your Phase Field Model page is still in the main space of the wiki).

Based on your response that the new pages are for multi-person projects, I think it would be fine to leave them where they are. However, making the titles more specific would be useful. For example, "International Development" is a pretty broad title/subject and can apply to many things at UBC but "Engineers Without Borders International Development Project" is very narrowly focused.

Another thought would be to move the pages to the Documentation space and organized them hierarchically (the main space doesn't allow subpages). In the Documentation space, you could create a top level page called something like: Documentation:Engineers Without Borders or Documentation:Phase Field Model. You could then add new pages as subpages - the wiki software will automatically add navigation links from subpages to their parent pages making it easier for user to navigate. For example, a sub page could be called Documentation:Phase Field Model/Friction Force and it would automatically link back to the top level page.

Please let me know if either of those options appeal - I can help move or rename pages as well.


21:50, 18 February 2011