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The CTLT has begun a wiki gardening project to help the UBC Wiki become a valuable resource.

Project Overview

The UBC Wiki has a promise of becoming one of the corner stones of UBC’s overall web presence. The inherited qualities of potent Wiki platform, along with its MediaWiki (Wikipedia) look and feel, combined with the ease of access provides a solid foundation for a very attractive space for all of UBC community: students could collaborate and share academic and social activities, faculty could build courses and other academic resources while UBC stuff could use this space for various departmental manuals or wider scope documentation.

The purpose of the UBC Wiki Gardening project is:

  • to help maintain and organize content on the wiki by categorizing, migrating, and linking pages
  • to analyze, develop, maintain and propose changes to UBC Wiki architecture, policies, functionality and support materials.
  • to build the UBC Wiki community by working with UBC’s academic, administrative, and student populations in incorporating the UBC wiki into the lifecycle of their daily activities, whether those are teaching, learning, office or social needs.

Project Blog

Gardening the Wiki is the official blog whose purpose is to document the ongoing work, discussions, thoughts, and ideas for helping the UBC Wiki grow.

Specific Wiki Gardening Tasks

  • Migrate pages to proper namespaces
  • Cross-link pages. Create indexes of relevant pages to help others navigate.
  • Apply DPL to complex pages.
  • De-dupe, merge pages with slightly different titles and redirect all the links to the merged page.
  • Break long pages into meaningful sub-pages, then link to them from an opening page.
  • Create transclusions when there is a need to republish parts of the page.
  • Categorize
  • Rename pages
  • Create documentation, "how to's", ect, for long term sustainability
  • Clear. Remove obsolete material
  • Analyze and evaluate the architecture of UBC Wiki namespaces; propose updates and potential modifications
  • Analyze and evaluate the current state of UBC Wiki categories, DPL functionality, need for tagging and other semantic Wiki and/or folksonomic tools
  • Work on establishing UBC Wiki brand within UBC
  • Report, propose, and create support documentation and work on creating support documentation
  • Report, propose, and create educational materials and work on creating training and educational documentation.
  • Work with others on establishing social media "walk in clinic" to support beginners but also more advanced users.

Further Reading