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Sorry: is the wiki embed something cIRcle governs? I'm not seeing the link between my question and cIRcle.

The page in question was, which was embedded on Without the paragraph above the YouTube video under the 'what are annotated presentations' header, the accordions didn't display.

Then, again, there was a problem with a YouTube video: one of the ones linked on the page was made private. This broke the accordions, too. I'm not really looking for a fix, although it would be nice if the plugin was made a bit more tolerant of issues with videos, as much as I'm looking to make sure other people know what to do if their pages break: that is, check your YouTube videos first.

16:33, 17 July 2014

Sorry, John. The message appeared in my inbox and since you referred to "your page" I assumed you were asking about an error on one of the pages I owned. My apologies.

21:40, 18 July 2014