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  • reframing: some participants worked with examples for this activity, some worked with their own limiting beliefs or challenges and others reflected on the process and what it raised for them. Note that the facilitators have mixed feelings about reframing as a workshop activity (vs on your own or with a trusted advisor).
  • power/agency/ identity are important aspects to reframing activity.
  • how might reframing increase risk and decrease agency?
  • appreciated being able to reduce risk by focusing on examples - easier to reframe for someone else.

Facilitator reflection: If the goal is to build awareness/ intentionality around how you frame your circumstances - may benefit from focus on understanding current frames/ beliefs first and what might be gained/lost in the reframing. This makes space to bring in concerns about obligations beyond self as an important part of reframing. Also requires personal time outside of workshop.

To address risk, it may be helpful to foreground the reframing activity with:

  • This activity may make you feel vulnerable if you are working with your own beliefs or challenges.
  • If you are uncomfortable with that, feel free to work with examples or approach reframing in a more surface way here and then use some of the strategies we suggest on your own later to dig more deeply to ensure that the framing and reframing is really meaningful to you.
Cindyunderhill (talk)21:45, 18 January 2019