Design Thinking - History, Framework and Mindsets

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  • potential impact on students: tools to address life and career problems, facing obstacles, promoting constructive action, building confidence, increase sense of agency, linking coursework what it can offer to build meaning and purpose in students' lives; use the framework to help reframe thoughts that are limiting in my career; self movement. Process/mindset wheel (on whiteboard as reference point)very helpful. Intentional lack of definition of design thinking was challenging for a few.
  • history was useful/interesting to this group - (and likely faculty) - not useful for students. Took a bit too much time. More co-construction would help. Perhaps detail as pre-reading? Could this be aligned with educational context/themes? Audience really matters for this component. Loved the information. Concept maps or infographics for historical info suggested as a resource.
  • intentionssome loved the invitation to 'focus on yourself' for the workshop - others felt that the emphasis on the individual could be alienating: quote: "when thinking about designing your life, acknowledging that, for many, its not just about you and what you see for yourself but also family/community may be an inherent part of what your life/career is accountable to."
21:19, 18 January 2019