Practice exam #3 - QUESTION 6

Fragment of a discussion from Course talk:APBI200

a. Goose soil is a gleysol, as diagnosed by the Bg horizon, and the fact that gleying is a dominant process in the soil from 15-55+ cm. b. . i. Advantages: good supply of organic matter, close to neutral pH, high concentrations of base-forming cations, structure above 25cm conducive to plant growth. ii. Disadvantages: poor drainage (as indicated by the fact that it is a gleysol, and the fact that it has massive structure), unfavourable ratios of Ca:Mg:K:Na, poor texture for plant growth, poor structure for plant growth below 25cm.

SpencerShields (talk)01:08, 28 April 2020

Yes, this is a Glesyol... and yes its diagnostic horizon is Bg (and gleying is also evident in ABg, BCg, Cgk)

Everything Spencer that you listed is correct, but for the full mark the explanation would need to be included too. For example, consider elaboration of the following :

  • -what are implications of good organic matter content? In other words, what other soil properties are impacted by high organic matter?
  • -what are implications of neutral pH?
  • -why is structure above 25cm in this soil conductive to plant growth? In what way?

Once again, what is listed is all correct, but elaboration/explanation is needed.
What is missing is mention of the fine texture, including a very low sand content. Then elaboration would be needed to explain what are consequences for other soil properties of such type of texture

MajaKrzic (talk)01:20, 28 April 2020