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Chemistry final summary report004:18, 8 November 2017
Lab 4 assignment018:59, 23 October 2017
Lab 3 assignment118:56, 31 January 2015

Chemistry final summary report

Dr Krzic,

Is it okay to use only one pH value (eg. measured in CaCl2) and one organic matter value (eg. oven dried) for each sample in our analyses?

RubyPyke (talk)04:18, 8 November 2017

Lab 4 assignment

In the equation for exchangeable cations, what does the equivalent weight (mg/meq) refer to?

RubyPyke (talk)18:59, 23 October 2017

Lab 3 assignment

For the capillary rise equation, I'm unsure how to determine the pore diameters based on AEV and AIV values?

ElysiaBons (talk)04:47, 31 January 2015

From your 2 water retention curves for medium & fine sand samples you will read off tensions that correspond to AEV and AIV. Those tensions are equal to h (height of rise) in the capillay raise equation. Once you have h (ie T) values, you need to solve the capillary rise equation for r (radius) so that you can calculate radius of pores that corresponds to AEV and AIV.

MajaKrzic (talk)18:56, 31 January 2015