Listing diagnostic horizons

Fragment of a discussion from Course talk:APBI200

Lukas, IF you are referring to the questions where you are given a profile; be specific to that profile. For example, in the tips for soil classification which Maja uploaded (under lectures) the 2nd example is:
LFH (4-0 cm)
Ah (0-10 cm)
Bg1 (11-23 cm)
Bg2 (23-58 cm)
Cg (58-103 cm)
As indicated, Bg1, Bg2 and Cg are all diagnostic (thus all should be listed)

SandraBrown (talk)23:31, 27 April 2020

But be clear that you should only list diagnostic horizons for that specific soil profile and its soil order. Using the 1st example Maja provides in her tips: there is only 1 diagnostic horizon (Bt) in that example

SandraBrown (talk)23:34, 27 April 2020