Listing diagnostic horizons

Listing diagnostic horizons


My apologies if this has already been answered somewhere else. I was wondering whether we're supposed to list all possible diagnostic horizons or only those that pertain to the soil order that we've identified when answering "What are the diagnostic horizon(s)?" styled questions.

Thanks for your time, Lukas

LukasOlson (talk)22:47, 27 April 2020

Lukas, IF you are referring to the questions where you are given a profile; be specific to that profile. For example, in the tips for soil classification which Maja uploaded (under lectures) the 2nd example is:
LFH (4-0 cm)
Ah (0-10 cm)
Bg1 (11-23 cm)
Bg2 (23-58 cm)
Cg (58-103 cm)
As indicated, Bg1, Bg2 and Cg are all diagnostic (thus all should be listed)

SandraBrown (talk)23:31, 27 April 2020

But be clear that you should only list diagnostic horizons for that specific soil profile and its soil order. Using the 1st example Maja provides in her tips: there is only 1 diagnostic horizon (Bt) in that example

SandraBrown (talk)23:34, 27 April 2020