The Ubyssey

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The Ubyssey
The cover page of The Ubyssey, November 2022, vol. 104, no. 10.
Type: Independent, nonprofit student newspaper
Publication frequency: Bi-weekly
Founded: October 1918
Headquarters: 2208-6133 University Boulevard, Student Union Building, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

The Ubyssey is the student-run newspaper of the University of British Columbia[1]. It is published bi-weekly every other Tuesday[1].


UBC saw its first student-run publication in December 1916, which was a monthly magazine called Anon[2][3]. In 1917, the magazine changed its name twice in two months - Anonymous in January, and then Ubicee in February[2][3]. After the Alma Mater Society (AMS) rolled out a mandatory $2 student fee, the Ubicee turned into a weekly newspaper and rebranded as The Ubyssey in October 1918[2]. The Ubyssey operated under the AMS until 1994, when a controversial issue of its bi-annual spoof edition (The Ufeces) caused the paper to be shut down[4][5]. The Ubyssey reemerged as an independent body in 1995, and remains so ever since[4][5].


The Ubyssey is run by a Board of Directors and an 11-member Editorial Board[6]. The Board of Directors is comprised of the business manager, coordinating editor, alumni representative, treasurer, staff representative, plus five members-at-large[6]. The members-at-large are elected annually through the AMS elections[6]. The Editorial Board comprises of student editors who are elected annually by the staff[6].

The Ubyssey states, "All UBC students are welcome to join the staff of the paper; absolutely no experience is necessary."[1]

Notable Contributors


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