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MER Template

This template is part of the MER Project. Please do not modify it unless you are part of the MER admin team. Major modifications should be discussed on the discussion page before being made.


This template creates an infobox to help contributors create Tags.


Here's the infobox generated by this template (note that the preloaded text in the text box depends of the current page name.

Create a new Tag
  • Simply add the title of the Tag at the end of the pre-loaded address in the text-box below (e.g. you add Set theory to obtain for example Category:MER Tag Set theory in the text box.)

  • Naming Conventions
    • Rule 1: All proper nouns get capitalized regardless of where they appear.
    • Rule 2: Tags should always start with a capital letter (uppercase) and the rest of their name should be in lowercase (except for rule 1). Spaces are allowed and recommend when necessary, e.g. Set theory.
    • Rule 3: Respect the spacing of tags; tags need to look like MER Tag Funky topic not MER TagFunkyTopic or MER TagFunky topic etc.

  • This form loads all the structure of the page; Add content now or later, and click Save page to finalize the creation of this new tag.


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