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Proposed correction to an error in the equation.017:53, 11 January 2016

Proposed correction to an error in the equation.

Note: I am posting this proposed correction on behalf of a user who does not have CWL privileges to edit the wiki. His proposed correction needs to be verified and corrected in the content if appropriate.

I am Saeed Ramazany, an Economics student in Allameh Tabatabayee economics faculty, Tehran, Iran. I couldn't find an email associated with Wiki problems, so I contacted this email.

In "Slutsky Substitution and Income Effect <>" page, at derivation section there is a typing error. I believe this equation:

is wrong and should change to: p1x1+p2x2-m as it is the same equation in the same section and just retyped for clarification.

I tried to change the wiki by my self and by making basic account, but I found that this type of account doesn't have permission to change the wiki. Correcting this type of mistakes will make a better wiki.

17:53, 11 January 2016