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References suggestion006:52, 2 December 2017
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Beauty Ideology021:45, 10 November 2017
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References suggestion

This is a really well developed topic - I just wanted to make a technical note regarding how you have arranged your end references. I noticed that you are often repeating sources as multiple entries - if you are use the "additional use of same source" earlier with the names you set for each source, your end references will compile each instance of the same source as sub numbers (ex. 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc...). This would help the reader identify what sources are being cited multiple times, and also help your bibliography be condensed to show only one instance of each source. Your content was an excellent read, and I really like how you have arranged your headings and sub-headings to make the article flow nicely!

06:52, 2 December 2017

This is such an interesting topic! You have great content already and overall, your page is well organized. Just an idea, you may even want to include a short page mentioning all the celebrities that advocate for this because they have the power to influence a huge party of society.

07:06, 11 November 2017



I really enjoyed reading your wiki page! I think you chose a very interesting topic. I like that you explain everything with a lot of detail, making it easy to understand. I think because the Victoria Secret Fashion Show is so popular, it would be interesting to see that incorporated. The fact that they brand their women as “Angels” and use attractive models to market their products says a lot about advertising females. Also, I am sure you have seen a Covergirl commercial before where they explicitly state “be a Covergirl” and use female celebrities to advertise their products. I think it would be interesting to possibly mention this also. Because both of these companies use females to advertise, I feel like they might be useful examples. Other than that, your page is very well organized, interesting, and easy to follow!

-Manraj Dhanda

04:19, 11 November 2017

Beauty Ideology


This is a great page!! I think the part under criticism about beauty ideology is very interesting and true! You could mention Victoria Secret's campaign as an example. They did one called "perfect body" I believe which got all of criticism because it only showed one body type and eventually led to them changing the campaign name.


21:45, 10 November 2017

response to wiki page

Hello! I found your examples of Femvertising a great choice especially since they are so clear with the message they are trying to spread. I noticed that some of your headings only have one or two sentences and it seems like it's missing some information. It would be great if for example failure to address intersectionality was expanded on. Though I'm sure you're already adding more to the page.

19:16, 10 November 2017