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The Howto for adding a second hint is outdated.321:42, 21 January 2013

The Howto for adding a second hint is outdated.

As title.

simontse (talk)06:07, 21 December 2012

You just create the new hint page with the appropriate name. So if there is already a hint, that page is something like:

So you create a new page with the name:

(for a second hint, and for a third, just do the obvious)

Let me know if that's clear enough and I'll update the page at some point too!

David Kohler (talk)00:47, 19 January 2013

Pretty clear if add how to create a new page.

Bernhard Konrad (talk)23:03, 19 January 2013

Ok. I'll rewrite that page.

David Kohler (talk)21:42, 21 January 2013