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Open Education
Working Group
Open UBC Wiki
Open UBC is in development and this working group (2017), aims to revitalize the website to serve as a resource portal as well as to support emerging and ongoing open projects at UBC and beyond.
Key Projects

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The Open Working Group develops resources for the website as well as supports emerging and ongoing open projects at UBC and beyond.

Current Working Group Members

  • Julia Burnham - AMS
  • Will Engle - CTLT
  • Erin Fields - UBC Library
  • Morgan Garvin - OETLD, Pharmacy
  • Christina Hendricks - CTLT
  • Rie Namba - CTLT
  • Cara Manning - EOAS, Science
  • Steph Savage - UBC Library
  • Jen Stacey - UBC Bookstore
  • Neha Tadepalli - AMS
  • Jonathan Verrett, ChBE, ApSci
  • Lucas Wright - CTLT

Meeting Schedule





Working Documents

Reference Documents

  • OER Survey Report for Faculty of Science - Lucas shared via email.
  • Google Analytics report for
  • for our first 2 months after soft launch : Summer 2016


Working Group Presentations