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Are you looking to connect with others on campus who are doing similar work or are interested in similar topics?

Do you have a great idea or approach to openness that you’d love to pass on? Are you interested in collaborating in hopes of making a greater change?

Key Projects

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2021 Working Group Members

  • Will Engle - CTLT
  • Erin Fields - UBC Library
  • Morgan Garvin - OETLD, Pharmacy
  • Christina Hendricks - CTLT, Philosophy (Arts)
  • Surita Jhangiani - Education
  • Ian Linkletter - Education
  • Rie Namba - CTLT
  • Cara Manning - EOAS, Science
  • Shivani Mehti - AMS
  • Siobhán McEldulff, CNERS, Arts
  • Steph Savage - UBC Library
  • Jen Stacey - UBC Bookstore
  • Jonathan Verrett, CHBE, Applied Science
  • Lucas Wright - CTLT
  • Georgia Yee - AMS
  • Jeff Miller - CTLT