Map of Coffee Places on Campus

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A good cup of coffee is never far away on the UBC Point Gray campus. Click on red dot on the below Google Map for the name and address of any specific coffee shop or cafe and zoom in for building specific coffee shops/cafes:

  • Great Dane Coffee (Behind Walter Gage Residences, near IONA and the School of Theology)
  • The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Company (Near the trolley bus loop, Shoppers, or Mahoney's)
  • Starbucks Coffee (x4) ( UBC Bookstore, Agronomy Road {TEF Building}, UBC Village, Fred Kaiser Building)
  • Tim Horton's (x2) (UBC Forestry Building, Henry Angus)
  • Blenz Coffee (University Village)
  • Loafe Cafe (in the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre)
  • Bean Around the World (near Thunderbird Residences)
  • Blue Chip Cafe (formerly Uppercase) (in the AMS Student Nest)
  • Corner Store (Next to UBC Bookstore)
  • Ike's Cafe (Irving K. Barber Learning Centre)
  • Cafe MOA (Museum of Anthropology)
  • Agora Eats Cafe (H.R. Macmillan Building)
  • Magma Cafe (Earth and Ocean Sciences Building)
  • Cafe Perugia (Life Sciences Centre)
  • Sauder Exchange Cafe (Henry Angus)
  • Mercante (Ponderosa Commons - Maple House)
  • Stir It Up Cafe (Buchanan A)
  • Loop Cafe (CIRS)
  • Neville's Cafe (Neville Scarfe)
  • The Beanery (Fairview Crescent)
  • IRC Snack Bar (Woodward Library)
  • Hero (Orchard Commons)
  • JJ Bean (UBC Bus Loop)
  • The Loop Café (Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability)

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