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UBC media and publications include:

  • UBC Insiders
  • The Ubyssey, a twice-weekly student newspaper that serves the Vancouver campus. Established in 1918.
  • The Phoenix is a biweekly student newspaper that serves the Okanagan campus. Established in 1989 at Okanagan University College.
  • The Graduate, a monthly magazine of news, opinion, and humour, by graduate students.
  • Discorder, a music and entertainment magazine produced by the campus radio station.
  • CITR-FM "Thunderbird Radio", the campus radio station.
  • The Talon, an alternative, progressive publication started in 2014, mostly online
  • The Knoll is an alternative, politically progressive student publication that serves the Vancouver campus. Established in 2006.
  • The Point, a weekly student paper of athletics, clubs, and what's happening at UBC.
  • The Underground, a satirical newspaper of the Arts Undergraduate Society with a vibrant arts and culture section, The Grounder.
  • The 432, a satirical, biweekly publication of the Science Undergraduate Society. Established 1987.
  • The Cavalier, the official humour and events paper of the Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS).
  • The nEUSpaper, a humorous, biweekly publication of the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS).
  • Perspectives, British Columbia's first English-Chinese student newspaper.
  • PRISM international, a quarterly literary magazine published by graduate students in the UBC Creative Writing Program.
  • Cinephile, a biannual, peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by graduate students in the UBC Film Studies Program.