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Publishing on the WP site119:31, 24 November 2016

Publishing on the WP site

Hi Christina, Just wondering how you are envisioning the publishing of this on the WP site. For example:

  • an accordian may help people digest the information - which is all helpful as context - just maybe not all at once.
  • if accordians are to be used, you'll need to change the headings to level 2.

I suggest omitting the direction to click on "this page" - instead, just link the text that you can link to the text that references the thing you are talking about. I think you only used this once in reference to the sprint.

Other than that - looks good!

Cindyunderhill (talk)21:53, 15 November 2016

Thanks, Cindy! I made accordions for everything below the intro section. Good point. I did look at how it looks on the WP page, and it was a bit too much.

I changed the "this page" as well. thank you for the suggestions!

ChristinaHendricks (talk)19:31, 24 November 2016