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Feedback223:18, 20 November 2014

The goal here is to develop a resource that can be used as a guide for faculty who are creating learning resources using various media (other than print. We need something that is:

  • evidence-based (grounded in research)\
  • practical
  • easy to use in a variety of ways
  • includes resources to extend learning.


  • is it relevant?
  • does it support what you know about design for multimedia?
  • what are we missing?
  • how can we improve it?
00:04, 12 November 2014

Hi Cindy,

This seems like a very useful resource! I think what you have created is evidence-based and very practical. I think it does address a learning need for anyone creating a multimedia piece.

I don't have a huge piece of feedback, just a quick comment. In the third column of the table every paragraph starts with the phrase, "People learn best when...", except for the last two rows. I think that it would be helpful to keep this pattern in every row of the table because it is rhythmic and helps to make the information memorable.



17:47, 19 November 2014

Thanks for the feedback Karalee. The reason I didn't continue with the statement "people learn best when" is because (in the case of dialogue and surfacing misconceptions) the research sample is relatively small and doesn't attempt to make those claims only that learning gains were demonstrated in a group of novice learners. I take your point - though and will think some more about how to adjust this to be as consistent as possible.

23:18, 20 November 2014