Documentation:UBC iClicker User Guide (Windows)/iGrader: Exporting Session Grades to WebCT Vista

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How do I bring my clicker scores into my WebCT Vista Grade Book?

Note: You have to be on a UBC secured network (eg. ubcsecure, myvpn, office internet port)

  1. In the iGrader main interface:
    1. Select the checkbox(es) for session(s) you would like to upload to WebCT Vista and then press "Export Selected Session(s) as CSV(Excel) file" in the bottom left corner:

      Export session.png

    2. Or if you want to export all the sessions, press "Export All Session(s) as CSV (Excel) file". You do not need to select any sessions with this option.

      Export all.png

  2. An export success dialog will appear.

    Export success.png

    The CMS Integrate Wizard then opens. If you saved your CMS login information, it will appear. Otherwise, re-enter your login information and press the “Login” button.
  3. Select your course from the drop-down menu.

    Cms roster.png

  4. Press "Export i>clicker Scores to CMS."
  5. Your students' marks will now be in the WebCT Vista Grade Book.

    Grades upload.png